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Is This The Best Value Crossbow Toy?

Kids have always loved playing cowboys and Indians and acting out their favourite movies and cartoons with bows and arrows, but a slight step up sees them wanting to use a quicker and more powerful play weapon like a crossbow.
Of course, kids of today most likely haven’t seen the real gems such as Hardy Kruger rushing out of the bush in Wild Geese with his crossbow primed, but there are plenty of other movies such as The Price of Persia or The Lord of the Rings that show the crossbow as an exciting weapon that can be great fun to shoot at targets around the garden or the house. And what kid hasn’t seen Chewbacca’s laser crossbow from the original Star Wars movie and wanted to emulate those scenes in their playtime?
Safety first is the name of the game when you want your kids to have fun with play weapons and you’d better make sure that the dog is kept at a safe distance with all those loose crossbow bolts flying about, but there are safe bolts and arrows that can be used even with the most powerful toy crossbows that have rubberised sucker tips that can be safely fired to stick onto targets that usually come with the bow and these can usually be wall mounted or stuck up on trees or the fence in the garden.

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To be properly safe, these kind of toy crossbows shouldn’t be used by kids under 6 years of age and should always be supervised by a parent – all the more reason to get in on the fun yourself (you just know you’re going to be donning that Rambo headscarf as soon as possible!).

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Fun Crossbow Toy For Kids

Strong and Sturdy Toy Crossbow

When you’re looking for a decent crossbow for your kids to play with you should bear in mind three important things. First and foremost you should be looking for something well-made and sturdy. This stands to reason if your boisterous boys are going to be gallivanting around the garden with it re-enacting scenes from the hobbit, but there’s nothing more frustrating than a cheap plastic crossbow which falls apart after only a couple of play sessions. The first thing to go is usually the string. Some of the cheaper crossbow’s strings don’t last long and you’ll find yourself forever trying to improvise with string from around the home. Try to look for a manufacturer that you know will supply spare strings or at least provides a strong string in the first place. If the bow is of poor quality this will be most apparent early on in the list of customer reviews. Look closely at the images of how the crossbow is put together. You can very often find decent braided nylon that simply needs to be cut to length and knotted at the ends to make a decent repair.

Best Toy Crossbow for Accuracy and Distance

It stands to reason that you’ll want to get as much bang for your buck and get a crossbow that has good range. The Petron range of crossbows do have good range and accuracy but their ads are slightly overly optimistic. If they say 20 metres they probably mean fifteen or if they say 12 it’s probably more likely to be 8 metres with any kind of accuracy. Remember these are toy crossbows with plastic sucker bolts that are hardly the world’s best shape when it comes to aerodynamics.

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Sighting, crosshair, active trigger

The crossbow trigger obviously has to be well made in both holding the string/bolt securely at good tension whilst still performing a nice, smooth release action when the trigger is pulled. You also want a decent crosshair or sighting that doesn’t break off easily. I’ve heard tell of the sighting flying off during release on poorly made toy crossbows so, again, check customer reviews that will indicate this.

Really, for a nice cheap toy crossbow but with longevity and robustness, you can’t go far wrong with the Petron range. Clicking the links on this page will take you to some of the best value-for-money and longlasting, great fun crossbow toys so go have a scout around and pick up a bargain toy that your son or daughter will love to hunt, target shoot and play with.


Zing Air Storm Archery Set For Kids

The Zing Air Storm Z Curve Bow for Kids

Here’s a fantastic buy for kids if you’d like a toy bow and arrow system as a present that is quality-made, robust and cheap.

I love the way that this toy bow and arrow set has thick foam arrows and a new rack system directly on the bow to hold them in place easily – this, coupled with the easy hook on and loop mechanism also makes for quick and easy loading and firing. Another great feature is that a couple of the arrows make this animated sonic sound as they zoom through the air – like a real arrow from Cowboys and Indians days whistling through the air.

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The grips system is strong and firm and allows for safe and easy launching with the arrow kept safely away from the gripping hand as it is firing. Although there’s almost no danger of serious injury here, it makes for uncomfortable use if the arrow is constantly brushing the grip hand on release – but that’s not a problem with this well designed archery set.

Depending on the strength of the child, the arrow will easily whizz 100 feet and we’ve got it up to 140 feet. Perhaps for smaller kids (the bow is marketed to kids from age 6 upwards) the distance will be more like 40 to 50 feet but to a little kid that is a long way! This 140 feet was by a grown adult, however, and right at the limit of the bow’s capacity but it’s a super fun bow and arrow toy for all ages.

The Air Storm Z-Curve Bow is great for both indoors and outdoors, although if you’re playing with it indoors you’re going to need some room for firing at a distant target as the range is so good. You can short fire the arrows, however and the great thing about the sucker arrows is that they’ll stick to most dry, smooth surfaces for at least 10 seconds or so.

It’s awesome for outside as the range is a good over 100 feet and the accuracy is also pretty amazing considering this is just a kid’s toy bow and arrow set. Depending on the wind conditions, it’s pretty easy to hit a home made target at this kind of distance.

This Zing Air Storm Bow comes with three spongy arrows which are safe and durable. They’re also pretty accurate in flight. Two of the arrows come with a built in whistler and the other has a sticky sucker tip on the end.

Although we’ve been using this bow for a good 10 months now with no problems, you do need to take care of it to some degree. Don’t let your kids allow it to lie around in the sun on the lawn all day as some reviewers have complained that the rubber elastic bungee can deteriorate to the point of snapping. To be fair to Zing Toys, they do warn about this on the box but the warning could be made bigger – they should also try to improve the elastic materials of the rubber that they’re using if at all possible. However, as I’ve said and with some care, there’s no reason why this bow should not last a very long time.

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This is a great fun and simple to use introduction to the world of Archery for kids to enjoy and you’ll even enjoy it as adults, showing them how to get the most out of it.

If you liked this product you’ll probably also love the crossbow made by the same company – they also have a glow in the dark version of this toy where both the bow and the arrows have lights on them making night battles and target shooting even more fun. Check out the Airstorm Firetek night light bow and arrow set review here.

Buy Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow This Christmas

71MbDyrAWjL._SY355_Here we will give you an overview of where to Zing Air Storm Z Bow, Orange and get the best prices.

  1. It Delivers A Great Value For The Money!

Not only is this crossbow set the real deal, but it actually offers you a great value for your money, as the Air Storm Crossbow is actually capable to fire its lightweight arrows in two different ways: the short-mode is designed for tight and limited spaces such as rooms, while the power shot is designed to be used in open space, where the trajectory of the arrows is not restrained by anything and anybody.

  1. The Crossbow Is Very Safe!

Designed to be used by children aged 8 or older, the Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow is actually very safe to use, given the fact that all its arrows are made of foam, which makes them very easy to use, lightweight and safe overall. The arrows can be shot at distances of over 100-125 feet, and they can be used for practicing on cans or shooting against a wall. Moreover, the special Zartz suction cup arrow that comes with the package is also great to have around, as it sticks to anything for an average of 20 seconds and is ultra light as well.

  1. Great Deal On Amazon!

The first and perhaps most important reason why buying the Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow from Amazon will certainly be a great investment is because this toy set is now available at a discounted price of just $19.99. If you order over $35 (you can either order two Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow sets or you can order one set and another additional toy), you will benefit from free shipping. Besides this, the product is available in a gift wrap and it comes in an easy and hassle free packaging that can be opened in seconds.

  1. It Will Actually Benefit Your Child

Last, but certainly not least, another reason why you should consider investing in the Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow is because it will benefit younger children in the long run, as it helps them develop their creative skills and to improve their shooting skills at the same time.

Zing Air Storm Z Bow, Orange